What is Rebate Management?


Posted On: December 28, 2023

Rebate management includes creating and publishing rebate promotions, and then processing and fulfilling applications made to those programs. As the program manager, you will define objectives and policies and then you will configure a program that respects those objectives and policies. Program objectives could be driving demand of certain products, capturing analytics and opt-ins, inserting a new touchpoint for upselling and cross selling, or rewarding channel partner loyalty. Rebate program policies are the rules of acceptance such as within a date range, a unique identifier (i.e. serial number), minimum and maximum operator rules, required evidence documentation, must be purchased from authorized dealers only, etc. You will also define what is redeemed which may be a fixed dollar amount, formula driven dollar amount, and/or merchandise.

To implement a rebate program, you will need a management system to govern the processes and policies. In the event of redemption by merchandise or gift card, you may also need a fulfillment partner. 

The rebate management system could be simple such as pdf flyer, a paper application form, and keystroking into a spreadsheet. Or, you may use a formal rebate management system such as Incentit that automates and scales program delivery. A formal system is a better choice if there are multiple promotions, longer horizons, a desire to offer online applications, a need to track and report, and for integrating with other systems. 


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