The Incentit Platform


Posted On: November 1, 2023

A simple question and not so simple question. What is Incentit? Incentit is an integrated platform that automates and controls two processes. The first process is building and publishing incentive programs and the second is receiving, processing, tracking, fulfilling and reporting on applications made to those programs.

There are three "product elements" to the platform. The program administration software, also named Incentit, is the program manager's tool. Then there are two other products for intaking applications and feeding those back to Incentit via API for processing. The first is AppCentral which is a series of client branded web portals that fit infrequent applicants. Think of products like HVAC or tires where the participation is infrequent and perhaps even a one-time applicant . Our the second intake tool is a series of mobile apps including SpiffCapture and DSMally. The mobile app fits recurring applicants such as sale rep spiffs and utility program install notifications. These types of users are submitting often and typically get paid enough to exceed the IRS 1099 threshold.

There are two overarching master configurations to the Incentit platform. We have a master configuration for product companies that use sales incentives to increase sales. They offer customer rebates, sales rep spiffs, dealer channel incentives, instant discounts, buying groups, and other unique incentive programs. We also have a master configuration for utilities and energy agencies that promote energy efficiency and beneficial electrification using rebates and spiffs. While utilities and agencies are also looking to increase the sales of certain energy saving and sustainable products, this configuration is also more report driven given the regulatory elements of energy services.

Finally, our clients are both organizations that self-implement their incentive programs and third-party program implementation contractors. For self-implementers, we often wrap services around the software including system configuration and mobilization. For program contractors, we on-board, train and support the program administrators.

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